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I am retiring from breeding Pomeranians and at this time all the Poms have good forever homes to go to, so none are available. If any do not work out and are returned I will post them once again. Hoping that doesn't happen.       NO PUPPIES LEFT TO SELL !!! 

Poms come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new Pom never replaces your old Pom, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many Poms your heart is very big.

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About Us

Anne's Pomeranians is located in West Central Indiana on 116 acres of beautiful woods.  All of our puppies are raised with lots of TLC in a loving family environment with 7 grandkids to help socialize them. They are all AKC registered and have excellent bloodlines with champions in their pedigrees. We strive to meet AKC standards and we are always trying to better the breed. I have  International Champions and Champions to breed into my lines.  I have been a Pom breeder for 14 years.

We specialize in exotic colors, such as Partis in all of these colors, Chocolate/tan merles and Blue/tan merles,  chocolate, cream, cream sable, beaver, black/tan,  and chocolate/tan. We also have the standard colors orange, orange sables, red, red sables and black on occasion.  Pomeranians are a toy breed. They do not come in teacup or miniature. The AKC standard is 3-7 pounds and sometimes they are bigger but still make wonderful pets at any size.

My Poms are my job and one that I love. We do not work outside the home. We are with my babies 24 hours a day, with very little time for myself. No vacations. I am very lucky to have a husband that helps and supports me, I couldn't do it without him.  We share almost half of our house with the Poms. They have there own section that is on the end of the house, with a nursery and runs with doggie doors for them to go in and out as they wish.

I bought my first Pom (Cocoa Kisha) and soon realized they are addictive and wanted to have more.  Now they are the love of my life. Poms are very energetic, playful and full of life. It is very hard to be depressed with them around. Poms are little bundles of joy that want to sit on your lap and give you kisses. They make your life complete.

Please be aware that males make excellent pets. If they are neutered at around 4 months of age they usually do not lift their leg. They are calm, lovable and have great dispositions. I breed for good temperament and my males are sweet and love to be held. 

I am a member of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (Click on the logo above on this page). Please read the reviews. You cannot belong to the BBB and not be real. I am a registered breeder with the State of Indiana, USDA, and AKC. My Vet Clinic is Greenwood Veterinary Clinic in West Lebanon, IN 765-893-4415.    

I sell my puppies with AKC Limited Registration ONLY.  Limited means they are AKC registered but sold as a pet, (not pet quality) but not as a breeder and any puppies they produce cannot be registered with AKC. We do recommend all puppies be spayed or neutered as soon as possible to help prevent any health problems.The size, color and quality will decide the price of each puppy. Male puppies start at $1200 and go up to $2000 and females start at $1500 and go up to $2500. Sometimes there will be some at lower prices.

If you are a broker, puppy mill, breeder, or pet store please do not contact me.  I want my puppies to go to good loving forever homes where they will be appreciated for the sweet babies they are.   


If for any reason you can't keep your Pom, you can always return it at anytime and at any age to Anne's Pomeranians but they cannot be taken to a rescue or any type of shelter and they cannot be used for mixed breeding.  They will always have a home here.

All of my adults and any puppies I keep are vaccinated according to my Vets recommendation.  They are taken to the Vet immediately if there is any health issues. You are always welcome to make an appointment to come visit and see if we have the puppy for you or pick up your puppy and see where the puppies and adults are raised and there environment. You may call me at anytime if you have any questions or problems with your puppy.

All of our Poms are prespoiled, happy and healthy. Puppies come with up to date vaccinations, wormings, Revolution treatment to prevent Heartworms, Ear Mites, Fleas, Sarcoptic Mange and Ticks.  AKC Limited Registration application, a One Year Limited Genetic Health Guarantee, and a copy of the written Vet Check signed by my Veterinarian. The Check up  includes Ears, Eyes, Teeth, Bite, Fontanel, Patellas, Spine/Ribs, Umbilical or Inguinal Hernias, Lungs, Heart, Testicals (males), check for  Fleas and other Parasites. All puppies leave here healthy to the best of our ability.They also leave here with papers on Hypoglycemia, Crate training tips, Potty training tips, some tips in general on your new puppy, a small bag of FROMM  Gold dry puppy food, Check them out at www.frommfamily.com , a tube of supplement to keep their sugar up as they adjust to their new home and a toy if they are picked up. Airlines will not allow the supplement or toy to be sent with the puppy if they are shipped.  I have never had any problems with shipping, puppies have never been mistreated, never had an injury or any deaths from shipping them. That is not acceptable. If I thought they were in any danger I would never ship a puppy or adult. Airlines have special airplanes that have climate control rooms for live animals, so they are safe. Airlines also have Federal Regulations to follow in order to ship live animals. THERE IS A NEW FEDERAL LAW  THAT REQUIRES BREEDERS TO BE LICENSED WITH USDA IN ORDER TO SHIP PUPPIES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN SEEN IN PERSON BY THE BUYER FIRST. I am now USDA licensed and can ship anyplace in the United States.  Shipping is an additional $325, prices may vary on the airline used and the weight of the puppy being shipped. 

A $200 deposit will hold the puppy until it is ready to go to its new forever loving home and the deposit does come off of the balance due for the puppy.  Paypal is the easiest and fastest way but Paypal can be used for DEPOSITS ONLY. I do not consider a puppy sold until I have the deposit, unless other arrangements are made.

You are required to take the puppy to a licensed Vet within 48 hours of receiving him for an exam. Please read the contract/guarantee page for more information.

Anyone picking up their Pom at my home must pay 7% sales tax. I take Cash, Postal Money Orders,  Cashiers Checks, and Paypal (DEPOSITS ONLY).  I DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL CHECKS or Bank Money Orders. The remaining balance for your puppy, including shipping must be completely paid by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old , or 2 weeks before the shipping date.  

 If you want to pick up your puppy more than a week after the date he/she is ready to go home, there is a $3 per day  boarding fee.  

My Privacy Policy~~ "I value your privacy. All email addresses and other personal information is kept confidential and will only be used for the uses intended. I do not share or sell any information to third parties"

ANNE'S POMERANIANS    email address: annespomeranians@gmail.com


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